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would test comb cal effects on breast tissue, generally not happen ining the way it needs to so that's a wonky solution but a super important one. >> [inaudible]. >> yes? >> you cannot really boil to kill it? >> so, it's always good to wash your fruits and vegetables but a lot of the pesticide residues don't just wash off, they are in the food, deeper than just the surface, or they adhere really strongly, so you can get some residue off by washing but a lot of it, if pesticides are used, you can't get it all off unfortunately, so that's kind of a downer answer, but, sure. so, it actually segways very well into this next point is that we have to back up and have comprehensive laws that ensures all chemicals are safe, there are 80 thousand synthetic chemicals register ined the market that doesn't include all pesticides or chemicals used in cosmetics and cleaning products so there are tons of them. they're often regulated by different federal agencies, the fda regulates cosmetics, the environmental protection agency, pesticides and most synthetic chemicals but it's all over the place, o
the common operating picture that we have with cal ema and we've developed the ability to import data from every allied organization whether it's usgs, the law enforcement agencies, fire, weather, what have you, to be able to put it out in layers so we literally can know everything going on. we can see lightning strikes that cause fires, down to the size of a car fire. we're often able to do predictive analysis that exceeds the ability of fire and other agencies and able to call them up because we can see this and we've trained our battle captains that work in our operations center to think ahead and think three moves ahead whether or not an event they see developing is going to cause a trigger that is going to require national guard or other military forces to deploy. >> if i may, i think it's for us, myself as the senior leader in third fleet, it's about information sharing and intelligence fusion and turning that into actionable knowledge. we have a 24/7 maritime operation center as well that we attempt to do that. we do have cnn up, usually turn the volume down and just look at the pic
2009 when cal beat them. 80 games later the 12-1 bears seem primed to do it one more time. lindsey gottlieb cal team off to the best start in program history. bears had a three-point lead in the half. but [ non-english language ] wasn't ready for the streak to end. the tough layup to give stanford the lead in the second half. stanford beats cal again, 62-53 the final. >>> high school hoops, sacred heart versus saint ignatius in the city. bruce mahoney classic. brianna smith to julianne courtney. the sacred heart ladies win 46- 41 the final. >> the boys hit the flor. this is the nightcap off the irish miss, matt brown. high school hoops not bad. wildcats beat sacred heart 56- 46 and take the bruce mahoney trophy home. >> high school basketball not too bad. >>> play of the day is college basketball. ohio state, sam thompson went airborne for an impressive slam. the buckeyes beat purdue in chicago 74-64. looks better at that angle. >> much better angle. that's a nice little sideways slam. >>> 5:24, michelle. treasures targeted the okayed museum
situation. college hoops. stanford stumbles in socal, and wild card weekend is underway. >> the texans opened wild card weekend last year with a win over cincinnati. history repeating today. houston struggled down the stretch, losing 3-4, perhaps right for a first, round upset. second quarter, hall making the play on the ball. the pick. 21 yards, bring gals lead. schaub playing his first playoff game. foster had 140 yards on the ground. bengals trailing, 19-13. third and 11. andy dalton going for it all, overthrows greene. next play, fourth down, going for it. dalton throws short to marvin johns. 19-13, houston gets cinci for the second straight year. texans play at new england next sunday. >> let's -- north dakota state and sam houston state. bison leading 23-10, botched extra point attempt, but maybe not. the kicker's quick thinking, two points is better than one. the bison win their second straight title game. >> not the start johnny dawkins was looking for. the cardinal leave southern california empty wanted. outside pauley pavilion. stanford pushed around inside pauley today. tra
. this morning a cal tran spokes talk about it. >> it gave in and kept the moment imof the ship from touching the structure of the bridge. that is why we did not have to close it. we have to replace between 30' and 40' of material this is wood and plastic composite that we use to absorb the brunt of these incidents. >> a question that the coast guard is going to be asked when they have the news conference, was the ship moving with less than half a mile visibility? that brings to mind an incident in 2007 when there was quarter-mile visibility yesterday. the oil tanker has unloaded the oil at the refinery and went to oakland to refuel to make the next trip. it is capable of hauling half a million gallons of oil but it was empty from what it had been carrying. the crew has been detained. no one has been injured. a lost questions if the coast guard when they have the news conference and how big a factor was the fog. what condition was the pilot in? we know in things. we will hear more in a moment. live from treasure island for abc7 news. >> the i-team has uncovered new information about bar pilot
are the answer. live in east palo alto for abc7 news. >> thank you. the threat rain has. brothered cal tran to close off part of the park-'n-ride in mill valley. the lower part of the lot has been a flood zone during flood zones. they closed off the area until monday because owners of flooded cars complained they were not properly warned of the threat. the tide is expected to peak in two days, at 2' higher-than-normal. >> when will it hit the bay area? >> mike nicco is checking live doppler 7 hd right now. >> it is not here. yet. you can see live doppler 7 hd all is quiet. we have a few radar runs over the ocean. that is where those are going to stay for now. a lot of cloud cover out there. still fog to contend with inland. but that is starting to lift. you can see the bulk of the storm to the north. we will zoom in on northern california and show you the leading edge of the showers moving in the northwest corner of the state. but after the noon hour is when we will see the showers reach the ground and move south across the state. you have a couple more hours before the rain gets here. i wi
and falcons in atlanta. >> cal, a 53-49 win at colorado. the bears now 12-1, and stanford has the 70-of win at utah. alabama and notre dame meet for the national championship tomorrow. we'll have a preview at 6:00. >> ama: up next we check in on >> coming in a half hour, win in the battle over package thieves in the bay area, a vigilant neighbor helped nab a thief and san francisco's program stirring up controversy after taking up space in one neighborhood. join us at 6:00. >>> a lone gray wolf roaming california is getting around. first seen in 2005 2011 and was the first gray wolf spoated in california in 8 'years. scientists think he is looking for a new pack or a meat in the northeastern corner of california. he has traveled more than 3,000 miles. most gray wolves stay within 100 miles of where they were born. >> that does it for us here at 5:00. for leigh glaser and everyone, thank you for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc. tonight, hitting hard. we're on the front lines inside emergency rooms across this country. the flu spreading fast and furious tonight. the ne
with government permission. so they got a show there today. >> cam cal students may not have as many bubbles to fill in in the future, the top education professor unveiled a new system today supposed to emphasize a student critical thinking skills rather than having them just choosing best answer. the test measured progress in english and math and qualified teens for graduation. >> serious questions being raised by a little known online education program wrun by university of california. uc spent $4.3 million marketing uc online courses in hopes of getting nonusc students to enroll in web based classes for a fee. but the chronicle reports only one person has taken a class during that time. the university says the concept was launched in 2010 before other universities like stanford and harvard began giving them away for free. governor brown ordered regents to emplain them selfs and talk about this program next wednesday in a meeting. >> cruise planning to head off a possible flood in east palo alto. they packed about 10,000 sandbags today. today, they will line the bags in a levy that. >> u.s
down sixth. fourth and 11. andy dalton completes the pass. the former cal bear, marvin jones. he tackled short of the first down. bengals turn it over. houston goes on to win 19-13 is your final. good news for football fans. they are all announcing via twitter that they will return to the farm in 2013. that will be a very good football team. but chris, 49ers and packers next saturday right here in the bay area. >> we can't wait. it will be very exciting. thank you very much. >> and we will be right back. dinner's ready. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. stroganoffy. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> finally tonight, dream took flight on the peninsula. it was open cockpit day at the hiller aviation museum in san carlos. people of all ages got to sit in the cockpits. that must
in effect for tonight. most visit cal areas, east bay, south -- most criticedit areas,s is the weather that will kill plants and you need to bring in the pets. it's way too cold for at least three to four more mornings. it will be difficult for pets to deal with that. let's go outside to the live hd sky camera network on this friday. you can see that we have clouds moving in, but overall, it temperatures cold and below average. we do have clearing and a bit of cloid cover moving in, and we are dealing with the wind. shaking the camera, 10-20 miles an hour, when will it warm up? probably not until next week. the high pressure has mild air. but it will take time to get here. right now, it's all about the jet stream, this thing is sinking to all-time new levels. way down to southern california, getting close to mexico. it's dragging down the air. we will be stuck in the freezer here as we head throughout saturday, sunday and maybe to monday of next week. and that is going to mean this for our temperatures. tomorrow morning, livermore, 28, napa 28, and that will put us near record setting
and even tomorrow we'll watch the moisture head a little further south but not into southern cal. >>> you won't have to wait until rio 2016 for another dose of ryan lochte. he will star in a show "what would ryan lochte do," another reality tv show. e network said people either want to sleep with him, mother him or be him. >> which are you? >> good guy. >>> the host of the academy awards will also announce the nominations. seth mcfarland will be doing double duty when he and emma stone announce the nominees. >>> some absolutely shocking news. kim and kanye are reportedly being offered huge sums of money for the first pic of baby kimye. one tabloid reportedly offered them $3 million that they turned down. >> the shocking part is they turned it down. >> yeah. then they'll get more. >>> cue the new taylor swift song jokes. she's already said to have broken up with one direction's stiles. they were seen kissing one week ago. apparently here things went south on new year's day. taylor, again, very single. by the way, that's years in hollywood time. >>> this comes from ksn tv kansas, in st. geo
. now, he is out of prison altogether. thoughts from a man who was spared a life sentence thanks to cal voters. >>> and it's the art project a lot of people are looking forward to. tonight, a very small sneak preview. >>> tonight we start with what you're talking about. how cold it is outside right now. roberta gonzalez is here to tell us about it. let's get to t we have a bit of a wind. that's adding a windchill factor in tonight's forecast, 43 in livermore. san fransisco at 46. factor in the wind it feels like it's the 30s outside. tonight most of the bay area dipping down to near freezing or even below. coldest location will be livermore at 27 degrees. got to go back to january 3rd to find that kind of temperature. otherwise just about freezing around the peninsula. you see these red highlighted areas, that's where there is a freeze warning that goes into effect in a matter of hours from now, 2 a.m. tomorrow morning to 8 a.m. when many of you are heading out the door for your morning rush. the blue area is the frost advisory which encompasses most of the bay area. we'll talk about th
in fairfield, lower 40s for santa rosa and napa, 47 degrees, san francisco. cal stocka, and cataluma, 41. >> look at these numbers, upper 20s, santa rosa, mid 20s are in napa, santa ros -- san jose and san francisco in the upper 30s. >> set up on the settle light, showers this morning. big temperatures drop overnight, 20s and 30s as cold air filters in to nosh california. into the weekend -- northern california. >> a few extra clouds generated first thing saturday morning, but once again, saturday morning might be a little warmer than tomorrow. very cold with some front and sun cloud mix. here's our forecast model. 9:00 tomorrow, some showers. basically out to hour west and saturday morning, clouds partly -- partly cloudy. forecast tomorrow, very cold start, cool in the afternoon, upper 40s to lower 50s. san jose 53, and san mateyo 52. >> partly cloudy skies should be dry. cold on saturday morning. a few extra clouds by sunday. back to you. >>> the 2013 silicone valley is now underway in san jose. hundreds of cars, cross overs are -- display. visitors can sit behind the newest models. th
was flooded. cal trans crews set up barriers to warn drivers of the flooded conditions. you can see the water was high enough to make it to the top of the curb. puddles sprung up in several places and water splashed with the passing of each car. merchants in san anselmo weren't taking any chances. they had sand bags stationed outside their shops just to be on the safe side. a quick look at the san anselmo creekthe water was moving at moderate speed and, fortunatly, the level stayed well within the comfort zone. there were not very many pedestrians out and about on saturday but those who ventured into the elements were wise to bring a big umbrella to keep dry. >> the rain is coming down but not very hard. attempts also seems to be dropping. a cold and wet night. jeff bush, kron 4. >>> tonight the community of petaluma is in mourning. after a 19-year-old girl who went missing near lake tahoe on new year's eve. was found dead a few days later. alyssa byrne's body was found friday morning. behind a snowbank. along a road in south lake tahoe. police say she may have lost her way in the dark while
redskins. former cal bear marshawn lynch ran for 132 yards and a score as seattle broke an eight game postseason losing streak on the road they'll go on to face the top-seed atlanta falcons next sunday. in the early game. the baltimore ravens played host to the city's former franchise. the indianapolis colts it was the final home game for star linebacker ray lewis. who is retiring after the season. the ravens sent him out a winner. by beating the colts 24-9. the loss cut short an impressive season for the colts. who went from last place to the playoffs. as their head coach chuck while battling leukemia. baltimore travels to denver to take on the broncos next saturday. and of course the other big game on saturday - san francisco 49ers host the green bay packers!
preparatorias californianas... take vo ....podran solicitar en internet las becas "cal- grants" para asisitir a la universidad. ---los soÑadores que sean aceptados, comenzaran a recibir la ayuda financiera a partir del proximo otoÑo. ---se cree que cerca de unos 30 mil jovenes soliciten la ayuda estatal que seria de unos 12 mil dolares anuales para sus colegiaturas. stop for open blanca ---se vuelve a registrar otra balacera en un plantel escolar; en esta ocasion aqui en california. take vo ---un estudiante fue herido de bala en la preparatoria del poblado de "taft", una comunidad cerca a la ciudad de bakersfield. ----segun la policia, un estudiante de 16 aÑos, entro armado con una escopeta a un salon de clases y disparo contra la victima y otro alumno, pero err el segundo tiro. ---un maestro, que tambien resulto levemente herido, logro que el sospechoso entregara su arma y se rindiera a las autoridades. ---el estudiante herido se encuentra en condicion grave. blanca ---en san jose, el ayuntamiento confirmo hoy que la busqueda para el nuevo jefe de policia... take vo ...se prolongara y se
- dollars. cal-trans believes the investment is important for everyone's safety. but bill dodd, chair of the bay area toll authority, is unsure about where all the money to cover the cost is coming from. he says. quote - "since the requested amount is so much greater than the budgeted amount, we feel it is appropriate to investigate further, so that our toll payers' money is well spent." the bay area toll authority's full board will have the final approval next month. and the new bay bridge is expected to open labor day weekend. >> pam: a recently published report, may change what we know about certain earthquake fault lines, and how they could produce stronger earthquakes then once thought. however, as kron 4's scott rates show us, not all scientists agree with the study in national news. a high school student in central california is accused of shooting at a couple of his classmates today. deputies say, the boy targeted students he felt had bullied him. >> they are precariously balanced >> pam: a high-school student in central california is accused of targeting his students. they sa
. kron 4's charles clifford. has more on what cal-trans found when assessing the damage. >> just minutes after the bay bridge was a stroke they dispatched the maintenance team to look for damage. this is from abc's seven high-definition video. the working crews investigators and checking out the tower and the fender. >> the first thing we check is that the structure of the bridge is safe. we wanted to make sure that the fender is still active in the way that it was supposed to, which was to protect the bridge. there's no damage to the bridge with the exception of the fendering system. >> reporter: caltran will also check with traffic. >> there are other items to make sure that there are no other notification devices were compromised or damaged. we are also a investigating that. >> reporter: charles clifford, kron 4. a >> pam: our team coverage continues with kron 4's reggie kumar. he's live on treasure island with more on the bar pilot's past history. reggie? >> reporter: there were diapers' in the water looking for damage to their work--first divers.... in the water andpam. this bar pil
have been found. >> cal-trans and the c-h-p are asking for 31-million dollars to install a network of security cameras on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the bay area toll authority had originally alloted 8- million dollars for the system. experts say the bridge needs the system because it's viewed as a potential terrorist target. much like the golden gate bridge. >> the bay area is in for another night of freezing temperatures. this is video today of snow dusting the peak at mount hamilton in the south bay. from our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news.. how cold will it get? jacqueline bennett is back with another look at the forecast. >> jacqueline: catherine, that system from yesterday still cross some cold temperatures. the shower activity is on the coastal area. that is how it could stay and temperatures in the 40's. 40's through daly city, fairfield, vallejo. it is getting drier and that is going to mean that cold conditions, overnight. there is one that thing and that is the wind speed. it is dying down a bit with 18 mph, 17 in concord. the wind speed is not going
. take vo ---la empresa "cal jet-air", anuncio el comienzo de una nueva ruta entre el aeropuerto de oakland a mazatln, estado de sinaloa. ---los viajes sin escala comenzaron a operar a partir de hoy y el primer vuelo parte esta noche a las 8:15pm. blanca ---el que tambien partio a su destino hoy... take vo ....fue el enorme buque petroloero que hace unos dias choc contra una columna del puente de la bahia. ---investigadores de la guardia costera y de la junta nacional para la seguridad en el transporte, decidieron que no habia motivo para continuar reteniendo el navio que aunque sufrio daÑos cosmeticos, no tuvo daÑos estructurale s. ---alrededor de las 11 de la maÑana con 20 minutos, el buque cruzo por debajo del puente "golden gate" para navegar a mar abierto. topvo blanca ---los problemas de falta de personal han causado que el flujo del trafico sobre el puente "dumbarton" sea mas lento. ---una de las casetas de cobro del lado de fremont ha estado cerrada desde el primero de enero de este aÑo ya que la comision de transporte metropolitano afirma que no puede contratar el perso
. >>> toman pensando que el cal alcohol es bueno para funerales, bautismos, comuniÓn. >>> mientras que la terapeuta i dice que no solo las fiestas las lleva a la botella. >>> el alcohol tapa el dolor, n cuando no saben controlar las m emociones, cuando no saben juicio mÁjuiquÉ m mÁs hacer con la familia. >>> y asÍ, por ahogar sus penas, mhuchas acaban naufragando en s vida. >>> preparese porque podrÍa p pagar alrededor de 5 dÓlares por galon de gasolina regular, al n algunos analistas sondcondisidee ese podrÍa ser el precio que p g paguen los consumidores antes de finalizar el aÑo, los analistas dicen que los precios alcanzaran cifras record, producto de pro s problemas en el medio oriente y tambiÉn en el golmfo de mÉxico. >>> pamomento de nuestra Última pausa, y al regresar tenemos el regreso a la vida de una ♪. >>> el medallaista olÍmpico no h hernÁndez fue dado de alta d despuÉs de recibir un impacto de bala en la cara en diciembre, pero mcomo nos dice raÚl torres su recuperaciÓn serÁ larga. >>> acvanzo con los pasos mÁs r fuertes, mÁs decididos, quizÁs con l
. cal has more >> reporter: the ship is still out here in the san francisco bay. the 750-tanker hit one of the support towers of the bay bridge yesterday around 11:00 in foggy conditions. authorities say no oil was leak. the ship had just unloaded at a martinez refinery. the coast guard officials told us this morning a little bit more about its investigation. >> we're gonna continue to interview important members of the crew which includes the pilot and we'll also continue to interview members -- coast guard members who responded to the scene and find out what -- try to get more clues as to what happened. >> reporter: ktvu has learned the pilot passed an alcohol test yesterday. that pilot, george kleess, has eight years of experience but has had some problems in the past. now according to state records, kleess ran aground brieffully a sacramento river on august 27th of 2009. then two days later, he ran into some wooden pylons on a catwalk in stockton. caltrans officials say the bridge itself sustained no structural damage as the wood in the metal fenders absorbed the impact just as they
on an overcross, cal trans does a good job of containing them if they crash any situation like that. >> reporter: so the passersby that did help, ktvu has reached out them and contacted them and hearing from them later in the newscast. showing you now a live picture of what is left of the truck here. they have just re-opened northbound sonoma boulevard, they will get that out of here. still excellent of clean up to do, fish and game people are here as well to make sure none of the debris leaks into the waterways. live in vallejo, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the national transportation safety board is leading the investigation into monday's oil tanker crash into the bay bridge. the agency plans to check if radar equipment was working properly when the empty oil tanker hit the bridge tower in limited visibility. a coast guard bulletin indicates there may have been trouble with the be cons beacons but are not sure if that caused it. >>> they are investigating their 4th robbery in less than a money. someone hit that bank there then. police say someone gave the teller a note and told them
mind. oakland born, educated at cal berkeley and paris. julie morgan was a gifted architect and pioneer among women in her field. but perhaps her greatest skill was the fact that she could deal with hurst. mrs.morgan got a preview to the hurst when he commissioned her to build the home of the examiner. the heavy medieval ornateness of the lobby. this is the way hurst liked his buildings. the building turned out to be a dress rehearsal for mrs. morgan. a place he could call home. julie morgan said that if hurst had concentrated on being an architect he could have been a great one but he was in fact, a medler to an intent that defies belief. for example, one day he was driving up the hill to his castle. he didn't like the way one of the guest cottages looked in relation to the main house. he had the cottage torn down and moved. the grand towers we see today are not the first. he deemed the originals too spare and had them torn down and rebuilt he wanted a better view of the mountain so he added the gothic suite. the neptune is the third built on the spot. the first two discarded because t
and cal train and help reduce the emissions on the transportation side this way and not just our environment and lastly we looked how can we encourage private sector investment and new and the city can't do this on its own. we need to work with the private sector and leverage this and that could be look at programs to reduce the cost of and expand clean energy financing and with pace and other mechanisms, pursuing third party ownerships and partnerships to develop more renewable energy. levering caa and and to the fee and tariff and having this set of customers under cca and guaranteed off takers the renewable power for years to come you can assure to the developers there is the market to sell into and thereby help them to get financing and get projects on the ground and supporting clean investments. for example by working with the pension and retirement funds to use some portion of the portfolios to go towards these programs and demonstrations on public property and that's been started already on clean power sf. we have almost 40 members in total and it's a fantastic group an
. >> thank you. thank you everyone. items from the consent cal lar item eight a to award construction contract 279 electrical service upgrade to an builders incorporated in an amount not to intercede $2,849,999 in a kin semi-cy of 10% for a total authorization not to exceed then $71,049 and item b requests a no cost ten years license with golden gate auto -- society to install and maintain imported soil and plants with the upland area and the earn portion of sea wall at pier 53. can i have a motion to approve the consent items. >> motion comment. seeing none, all in favor? aye resolution 1292 and 12 knee have been a moved. >> item nine a first amendment too leafs one 48 one four with a california corporation operating an indoor out door casual dining restaurant located at taylor street through december 2019. good afternoon commission nears senior property manager i'll like to describe to you what i'm asking your approval for, give you a brief overview and tell you about the benefit associated with this and give you a brief background and then talk a little bit about the port
agencies and cal-ema and fema and others providing resources post disaster so thank you. >> thank you very much. that was very informative. thank you. i would like to ask now john boseman to come join me who is the government affairs manager for boma and the mayor mentioned it early ye today. i think john has a one minute film he's going to show and he's also going to be -- as you know in each of the agenda's we ask a community partner to come up and do a brief presentation so we know what they're up to so john i turn it over to you. >> thank you. i appreciate it. happy friday afternoon. it's an honor to be here with so many distinguished city leaders. i am humbled and admiral thank you for your good work. it's an honor to be in the same room. who knows what this is? good. that sames me time. i'm here to talk about the importance of this room and building and the good work that we do, the building managers and downtown rises in downtown san francisco. i can't stress enough how our members feel the value this room brings to them and when the giants wins and the parade goes down mo
this problem. one is supervision and training and came up with that card. not only role-cal training but our biennial training, and video to make sure we never dropped the ball again. even one victim having to suffer through that is an acceptable. >> i brought that case to light for the group. and the glitches where police service aids and civilians are not the place to take a domestic violence report. and encountering a language barrier. >> actually that is what i was going to bring up. we recently met at cameron house with some of our asian partners, and that was a concern not the specific incident, speaking cantonese or another language in the person realizing they cannot make the report and the person at the other end realizing that she was not making a report. i don't know the logistics. can the police service aid take a report? >> any type of sexual offense or domestic violence they're not authorized. we're coming up with the card to explain to the victim that the psa, is unable to do so, but stay there, we will get an officer to take the report and explain the process to th
the plan. and cal tram and we have done so successfully in june, the boards approved the locally preferred alternative for the rapid transit project and we are hoping for the project this spring, in october we had the full funding agreement and almost a billion dollars to that fund and project. and last of the signature projects that they have signed and all of the lessons learned and we opened to release the eir draft in 2013. i don't want to take up more time and just highlighted the big projects but there have been countless small projects city wide that has wies's fingerprints on everything from this weekend celebration of the church and pedal street scape projects to the recent approvele of 2010 to the vehicle registration fee which is supposed to provide improves state wide. and there is so much more to say to have the opportunity in january other than use. and from the bottom of our heart i know that the staff will truly miss you and we hope that we will have you fooling ou
back to the early days in the first 20 years when we were primarily a grantmaker making grants to low-cal practitioners and policymakers. i started this program about four years, five years ago now, i think, time flies, to really bring in members of our marshall memorial fellowship network of which david chiu is one of our alumni. some of our past grantees and also the next crop of practitioners and local civic leaders who are really looking to change their home communities by looking abroad or looking to other cities to see what other cities are doing well and how that might be imported back home or translated back home. so the comparative dom particular policy program works primarily in the 25 cities that doug mentioned, but not exclusively in those cities. we really are looking for some of the best practices in education and workforce development, in integration of diverse populations and affordability and quality of life issues in cities and regions and also -- and sustainability, in which encompasses a broad range of things. it's primarily environmental sustainability. the overarchin
to really to go at the low-cal level and convince people why it's good to have those new infrastructureses. this is one of the typical, in old belgium towns you would find it now, it's the flow of cycling. it's what you do if you have a one-way road and you make it accessible for cyclists. we knew at the federal level, at belgium level that this regulation was coming up and in parallel in the brussels parliament, we voted a law if you will implement this new belgium law of accepting cycling on those one-way streets, if you do that within two years' time, we will finance half of the cost to do so. and that was a regional law who was, in fact, encouraging putting the federal law into practice and that's how come that you will see in almost every one way street like you see there on the left that cyclists are admitted. on the right hand, you have example of lines and i have seen that already here as well. as a cyclist, i like the advanced stoplights and i make much use of it. i was already one of those cyclists who was contraflow cycling. it's a good thing and i can tell my kids that it's all
. this is a scene from the polytechnic the tick cal school where they would take the disappeared. emanuel for the americas. we are inside the basement of the polytechnic and i'm admiring the bone is thattedose that your heal bone makes in the sunlight in the palms of my hand in my mind. when you come to my bed your hands and breath is sweet and we can love like this for hours. i can find christ in your body. this too must be constructed and killed bike on television with pain and blood that's beautiful like a red refer. you made me into a woman and i surend erred into it a man-made into a woman and returned. but you don't want to my bed this is the metal cloth you are chained to in the polytechnic. and i do we do it slowly with timed extensions of christ, his face removed and his penis removed the maggets and the wounds the teeth and hair weeks before he is your christ in the black pit with you. each day becomes eternity of days the sun never sets or rises the light bulb on a wire as i burn you 117 times with my cigarettes while the other guards have gone out for a meal beef stake tomatoe
serves as the executive director of the interface council, reverend mr. joseph bryant, pastor of cal vory hill and the chairperson of the rainbow push coalition of this region, mr. mayor, ladies and gentlemen, i rise to present the keynote person to speak for this press conference. i think i could best get at the task by doing what i did in elementary school. my teacher called on us invablable to do what they call "show and tell". you don't talk about anything unless you could first show something. it was back in september when i had the privilege of being a delegate at the democratic national convention, and on that monday preceding the convention african-american faith leaders gathered at the historic friendship baptist church of charlotte north carolina. the guest speaker was dr. calvin bust, pastor of the great absiddian church of new york where he succeeded his father as pastor and was the first black from new york to serve in the u.s. congress, and got over 67 bills passed through congress including title seven, head start, national student loan program, but that preacher dr. b
through 12 and the community colleges will get an extra $3 billion. medi-cal gets an extra $350 million. and a billion goes into the rainy day fund. >> it is best to maintain a very solid budget. and a good reserve. otherwise, we'll get hit and we'll go back into the boom and bust, borrow and spend. and that's what that is. i'm determined to avoid the fiscal mess that the last few governors had to deal with. >> yeah. he balanced it. the governor says it wouldn't have been possible to do this without steep cuts and the new prop 30 taxes that voters approved. the bad news is california still has a mountain of debt after borrowing during the down years. >>> one san jose man is going to save taxpayers more than a half million. he was supposed to spend the next eleven years behind bars. tonight, kiet do says he's a free man, thanks to california voters. >> i was there at 2:30 waiting for him in the morning. >> reporter: he's one of the first ones out, under california's three strikes law. >> it's real. i can actually feel him and it's real, you
quickly, the way the weather changed just like that, so all the cal trans workers are home sleeping now. they are on call just in case the snowplows are needed. live in santa cruz county, kiet do, cbs 5. >>> well, so many people in boston have the flu, the city of boston has actually declared a public health emergency. and in allentown, pennsylvania, the hospital is so overrun with flu patients, it set up special tents outside. and in l.a., the county health department has run out of flu vaccine. there's also a shortage of the vaccine popular with kids. >>> also in the news tonight, the mother of a missing bay area girl learned today that a bone fragment is not that of her daughter. that bone was found in october in a san joaquin county well where several victims of the speed freak killers are buried. because of the estimated age, it was thought that it could be mckayla garrett. turns out, though, that that bone belonged to an older teenager. >> i was shocked. and kind of disheartened about it, because i was worried about mckayla's mom. i want
's not but he is such an icon. >> he is one of the great baltimore icons up there with cal ripken and i am excited to see him. >> reporter: and you've gathered fans talking about ray lewis. they are going to do the dance. come on. get that music pumped. [ music ] ♪ so hot in here ♪ >> ♪ &. [ music ] >> reporter: tough give it to them. come on the pep rally is going on 4:30 to 7 this morning at haney's corner deli. this is your what you are missing. free donuts and coffee. they will provide -- be more around town will provide them for anyone coming in. >> you like that. >> i like it. >> all right. so if you are not heading to denver the cheerleaders and poe will get you pumped up here with the purple caravan. theyth it start at 6:45 at house -- it starts at 6:45 atand at each spot you have a chance to win prizes. the final stop is 9:15 tonight. we have posted the entire caravan schedule at our website at abc2news.com. >>> here at abc2 beer ex-- 2abc2 we are excited about the ravens run. we ever we have a one hour special airing at 7. destination denver. kelly swoope will be live with
to one clough lo cal classroom war teacher is combining the great talents for a great cause. >>> bpa three leters that can scare any parents. what to look for to keep toxic products out of your children's hands. >> heavy rain, flooding and one area of the country is seeing it all including a twister all caught on camera. >> wow. all right. well, i am meteorologist mike masco. 36 degrees on the chilly side. 60s into the weekend. full forecast coming up. >> reporter: there are no delayson 695 south of burnie highway but there's serious crash that shut down route 97. i will have the details coming up on good morning maryland. >> it's 8 minutes after the hour. a live look at times square as we head that way for a check of the day's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites a warning for anyone running java security experts say disable the software because a problem has just been detected that allows hackers to attack some computers. one expert says it is a mess. another says it's like open season on consumers. >>> and apple is knocking down reports it's planning a cheaper verse of t
different areas of the body. she says the company thopz provide cal vubl clues about health and life style. >> it looks like you're eating more casho hydrates than you think you are. you're drinking a lot of caffeine. >> she says it could be compared as research into the human advances. benefiting individual skptz+ñ scientific community. the test concept is being funded by crowd sourcing. yugs a popular site, the company signed up 350 people in two weeks. prices start around $70 for a test. we have more information for you on aabc 7 news.com. >> yes. i can see you've been eating a lot of fast food, haven't you?. >> yes. yes. exactly. >> coming up next a table top < the family can use atle top the same time. >> and a new smart phone app does t8taúxtes0p0p >> are you tired of seeing everybody in your house staring into their smart phones and ignoring one another? we may have the answer for you. this video shows a think pad working like a gigantic tablet designed for up to four people to use at once. other innovations include flat screens from sony, samsung and sharp. cisco system applying
find delay beyond the scene. cal train says the northbound 101 train is late ten minutes. muni and bart and other mass transit is looking good. abc7 app shows 205 mountain house parkway toward stockton we have foggy weather from the central valley which could slow things moving westbound toward 580 with heavy traffic on 205 according to our traffic spotters. this is a free app from apple's app and google play to get you navigating your commute. moving from 580 and 880 to the south and 80 westbound toward toll plaza, traffic is moving nicely. kristen and eric? >> the landmark church in the capitol in washington, dc, and the national cathedral take as stand over same-sex marriage. >> and root canal and erskine mh laboratories, which are will consider whether to block a suit by the u.s. government for the bailout of the company, a group filed the suit on behalf of the firm and shareholders and the complaint says the government did not provide shareholders just compensation when they took 80 percent stake in the insurance company part of a bailout. the board will decide in a month whether t
. >> this will also be the first bay area appearance for aaron rogers as an nfl quarterback. the chico native and cal star wanted to play for the 49ers but that didn't quite work out. now he'll be fighting to defeat his once favorite football team. live at candle stick park. ken wayne. >>> more details now those tickets still available for saturday's game will likely cost you several hundred dollars at least. we searched ticket master and found available seats listed at $400. but the asking price could go way higher as we get closer to game time. the niners offered a limited number of tickets online today but as you heard ken mention they sold out within minutes. now your best bet is to go to ticket brokers such as ticket master or stub hub. >>> our coverage of saturday's game starts at 4:00 p.m. with a ktvu pregame show. then fox picks up network coverage at 4:30 with kick offset for just after 5:00. following the game, look for ibanez covering the postgame. >>> federal regulators have reached an agreement. regulators say eligible borrowers will be contacted by the end of march. the claims will be d
of course. santa cruz mountains early this morning cal-trans covering the pavement with a layer of sand. freezing weather makes black ice invisible threat. >> no traction and can't steer and brake and you go where energy takes you. >>reporter: very dangerous. plants need protection, too. especially citrus and tropica tropicals. nursery workers at orchard supply say watering and breathable fabric add a layer of protection. special product but even burlap works if you haven't had that around the house or towels even. >> mountains of southern california are still getting snow. video this evening of interstate 5. grapevine look at the pictures. closed this morning because of snow. and closed again now because of snow as well. more weather coverage in a little bit but let's move on to other news. first time in years california is actually set to end next year with a little bit of money in the bank if you can believe it. governor brown unveiled new spending plan today and how he wants to spend that money is welcome news for education certainly. annette has more now from sacramento
in compton and richmond is not like growing up in beverly hills or piedmont. >>> cal state university system will begin its online program. each of the campuses will focus on different specialties. the first program will be offered through cal state fullerton in orange county. you can sign up or get more information by going to calstateonline.net. >>> penn calls national monument is the newest national park the new designation is expected to boost tourism as well as business for the park minute calls gets its name from the rock formations left over from a volcano. >>> no problem on 280. it has been a pretty good drive throughout the san francisco area. no problems at the toll plaza. we are gets a little bit more of a crowd trying to get into san francisco. this mornings commute looks good on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge across from the peninsula. highway 1 off if a decent start. 5:49 let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. another cold friday. could be colder. we have a north breeze out there. that is holding most temps up. not all but most. another system coming right on down. yesterda
area appearance for aaron rogers as an nfl quarterback. the chico native and cal star wanted to play for the 49ers but that didn't quite work out. now he'll be fighting to defeat his once favorite football team. live at candle stick park. ken wayne. >>> more details now those tickets still available for saturday's game will likely cost you several hundred dollars at least. we searched ticket master and found available seats listed at $400. but the asking price could go way higher as we get closer to game time. the niners offered a limited number of tickets online today but as you heard ken mention they sold out within minutes. now your best bet is to go to ticket brokers such as ticket master or stub hub. >>> our coverage of saturday's game starts at 4:00 p.m. with a ktvu pregame show. then fox picks up network coverage at 4:30 with kick offset for just after 5:00. following the game, look for ibanez covering the postgame. >>> federal regulators have reached an agreement. regulators say eligible borrowers will be contacted by the end of march. the claims will be divided between peopl
. >>> the cal state university system starts it's online program next week. each campus will focus on different areas, the first will be offered by cal state fullerton. monterey bay is also taking part. it's already taking applications for master's degrees in information technology, instructional science and technology and management. you can sign up or get more information by going to cal state online.net. >> just about an hour from right now a campus protest planned by angry students, teachers and staff members at city college of san francisco will begin. they are angry about the administration's response to the crisis that may force the college to close. this week city college asked for an extension much of the deadline. the board has warn fire department the school fails to show improvement it may be shut down. >>> that exotic pet found guarding a marijuana stash has died. his name was mr. teeth and you can see why. a 16 year old caimen. it was found next to $100,000 worth of pot. mr. teeth was in critical condition when it was taken to the oakland zoo. it died several hours later. meant
's other co-founder, andrew ng. >> most people today will never have access to a princeton, stanford, cal tech class. but now, if you wake up tomorrow morning and you decide you want to take a cal tech class, you can. you can just sign up for one, and it's free. >> reporter: math teacher salman khan started providing free online classes in 2010 out of his house, arguing that new approaches to teaching were needed. he inspired stanford professor sebastian thrun and colleague peter novick to put a course on artificial intelligence online just last year. >> and to our surprise 160,000 students signed up. we managed to graduate 23,000 students at stanford graduate- level quality in a specialized subject area called artificial intelligence, which means peter and i taught more students than all the professors in the world combined in the same subject area. >> reporter: were you amazed by this, or did you expect it? >> i was blown away, and it changed my life. >> reporter: after that success, thrun founded udacity, a fast- growing startup in palo alto, financed with venture capital money, offeri
, thousands flock to a so cal gun show plus the new bay area push to curb gun violence. >>> we are starting out with a fairly wet forecast for the bay area, especially in the southeast bay. the entire forecast in just a few minutes. >>> they are in fact items that need to be appropriately addressed for purposes of keeping the economy going. >> and you're political insiders sound off on the fiscal cliff add-ons. the big money winners that went to the jackpot after congress finally reached a deal. >>> it's 8:30, sunday, january 6th. thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm bill. everything from the fiscal cliff to global warming to a solution. the heat -- >> we are going to be talking with a lawmaker from berkeley, she is talking about introducing a bill that would limit the amount of ammunition you can buy. of course that's controversial in its own right. we will have our discussion with her. >>> but first -- >> a state lawmaker from san francisco is proposing a homeless bill of rights. it basically -- the idea is to protect the civil rights of homeless people. >> statewide rec
. this was going to be an abbreviated 48 game season. the sharks' first game in cal gahry one -- calgary one week from today. >>> a local school being disinfected this weekend after dozens of students got sick in could not croft -- could contra costa county. it includes vomiting, dire rae and -- diarrhea and stomach pain. classes will be held tomorrow, though. >>> in the north bay, authorities in petaluma have identified the body of a man found in a recycling center. the sonoma county schaefers office says the body -- sheriff's office says the body was found by an employee early friday afternoon. investigators say there's no obvious signs of trauma to the body but they are calling the death suspicious. they say it looks as though the body was in the dumpster that was then emptyied into a recycling truck. an autopsy is expected on monday. >>> among the bay area three biggest cities, san francisco had the most significant increase in homicides last year and yesterday a memorial walk was held in honor of those murder victims. there were 68 homicides in
is cal cliff befo -- fiscal cliff before programming computers and printing the forms. if you have a relatively easy tax reform you can file january 30th. the deadline is still april 15th. that does not get pushed back. most tile pers will g-- filers get theirs fairly soon. >> amazon the world's largest on-line retailer you didn't think it could get any bigger but it is expanding. >> right here nearby in new jersey it is building a distribution center slated to open next year and will add about 700 jobs and between 30 and $40 million in tax revenues for new jersey annually. they are not exempt on paying sales tax. they will have 7 percent sales tax starting this summer. >> what's the new news when it comes to the super bowl? >> we could stream the half time show. for the first time the popular half time show which many people watch the super bowl for this year featuring beyonce will be live streaming on the web february 3rd focusing on what viewers really want. they are not only streaming half time show but using different camera angles to watch the game. there will be a twitter fe
learned how to use a check cal suit to make fake 100s. >> a consumer takes the time to look at the water mark and see it doesn't match the portrait. they would know something was wrong with the bill. >> reporter: the government says new security features help. >> if you take the note and tilt it back and forth, you'll see the 100 in the lower right corner shifts from copper to green. >> reporter: now they say is a good time to take a closer look at the money in your pocket. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> we're all going to be looking here later on. >>> when we come back, the beatles as you've never seen them before. when we come back, the rare photos that could fetch a lot of money. t of money. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. seriou
sampling found that more than half of the low-cal meals we tested had more calories than listed on the menu. we brought a nationally known lab 24 food samples from four sitdown restaurants and one mcdonald's. surprisingly, the big mac had 30 calories fewer than advertised on the menu. here, too, it was the sitdown restaurants that had sometimes wildly different calorie counts than advertised. 11 meals had more calories than on the menu and 10 had fewer. and only one was on the money. some were over by only a few calories, but cheesecake factory's fish and chips packed 420 calories more than the menu count in one sample. olive garden's low calorie seafood brodetto was over its calorie count by 180. and one sample of the chili's margarita grilled chicken tested at 120 calories more than advertised. >> it may not sound like a lot, but if someone were to consume 100 calories extra per day for a year, they could gain up to ten pounds. >> reporter: all the restaurants and their trade association say that most calorie counts are as accurate as possible and tested extensively to make sure. but they
in livermore, abc 7 news. >>> all right allen thank you. look at the road conditions in the sierra from the cal-trans camera. interstate 80 near truckee. chains not required right now but conditions of course can change at any moment so if heading to the sierra perhaps for the weekend make sure you are prepared. >>> snow has also been falling in southern california. this advertise i-5 over the grapevine between bakersfield an los angeles. the route has been closed off and on all day long right now it is shut down. >> another concern that we have mentioned. plants if you don't want them to wither and die and you don't they need to be covered with some type of cloth material. anything but plasti plastic. lay plastic over the cloth for more protection. now get current temperatures any time on abc 7 news.com. we also have a new street level interactive map where you can get the temperatures right there in your neighborhood.so check it out when you have tim time. >> following breaks news out of fremont. look for live picture from party court. police tell us 48-year-old man shot and killed
of the accident of the within minutes cal train had a maintenance team do an evaluation. it appears impacted barrier performed as it's designed to do. >> so about 30-40 feet has been damaged. damaged in the way it's supposed to. >> the collision reminded everyone of the collision back in 2007 where more than 200,000 gallons were spilled into the bay. it's important to mention that the ship today was double hauled, carrying no fuel. >> thank you. >> what is the visibility at the time? we have video taken from one we have video taken h ourone mid day newscast.
montana saturday night. he faces red and gold in the divisional pray playoffs. former cal bear ak ras yes are i nightmare for opposing defense autos it's hard to get pressure out of him. you know? there are times that you can have a free rusher before you can get across the line you've got the ball out. >> aaron rothers scares me. i think i speak for many niners. >> yes. >> thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00czzrw coming up then, do you know what this says? at 9:00 good handwriting, if you're the treasury secretary of the united states. >> then at 11:00 a fuel leak. >> tomorrow at 5:30, live coverage of the oscar nominations. that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> from all of us here have a great night. >> we appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00. this is "jeopardy!" let's meet -- a graphic designer from athens, georgia... a strategic analyst for nasa from huntsville, alabama... and our returning champion... an underwriter from wheaton, illinois... [ applause ] and now here is th of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek. alex: thank you, johnny. hi, folks. i'm still in shock from
news sampling found that more than half of the low-cal meals we tested had more calories than listed on the menu. we gathered food under the direction of a nationally known lab, sent producers to three cities where major chains list their calorie counts on the menu. we collected the food as directed, never touching it with our hands, froze it, and sent it to the lab in florida for analysis. >> the samples were taken under chain of custody. >> reporter: 24 food samples from restaurants and one mcdonald's. >> when they arrived at the laboratory, they were frozen in dried ice. >> reporter: the food was stored until each could be tested for its calorie count. then the food chemist put each food into a big blender. >> basically, you put the entire contest into one blend. now we can see the difference from where we started. it's just one smooth paste. all the ingredients are blended together. >> reporter: the results were surprising. mcdonald's did the best. both the big mac meal and the premium chicken sandwich tested 30 calories below the menu count. but the sit-down restaurants had resu
. look at the road conditions in the sierra from the cal-trans camera. interstate 80 near truckee. chains not required right now but conditions of course can change at any moment so if heading to the sierra perhaps for the weekend make sure you are prepared. >>> snow has also been falling thcalifornia. this advertise i-5 over the grapevine between bakersfield an los angeles. the route has been closed off and on all day long right now it is shut down. >> another concern that we have mentioned. plants if you don't want them to wither and die and you don't they need to be covered with some type of cloth material. anything but plasti plastic. lay plastic over the cloth for more protection. now get current temperatures any time on abc 7 news.com. we also have a new street level interactive map where you can get the temperatures right there in your neighborhood.so out when you have you have tim time. >> following breaks news out of fremont. look for live picture from party court. police tell us 48-year-old man shot and killed inside a house here. 27-year-old man has surrendere
the niners will be taking on the green bay packers and former cal quarterback aaron rodgers. tickets only available online through ticketmaster, the game played saturday at the stick at 5:00 sharp. >> a limited amount. trying to do it, get on there now and go fast. >> yeah don't forget to dress in layers, can be cold there >> good idea. >>> at 11:00, from san jose to the far east. you can do it non-stop. the new flights you can now take from minute net ta international. >>> and will vice president joe biden be adding television star to his resume? why a petition sent to the white house is subjecting exactly that. on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. at&t u-verse high speed internet offers more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hotspots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your ho
as it was leaving yesterday. now, the good news, cal trans is saying the bridge structure itself is fine. some fenders broke off down below. the tanker was empty. so no oil spill. that according to the coast guard. the pilot has been identified from san francisco. i wanted to bring it back live. here with me this morning is lieutenant commander rick foster of the coast guard. good morning. >> morning. >> what's been going on thus far this morning with the investigation? >> the investigation is ongoing. we've interviewed a number of key personnel for the safe operation and navigation of the vessel. and we've conducted some alcohol and drug testing which is standard procedure. our marine inspectors are on the vessel doing structural integrity-type testing as well as our investigators are on board the vessel right now conducting interviews with the crew and just gathering as much data as possible. >> reporter: one of the things we heard yesterday is that visibility may have been a factor, it was reduced to maybe quarter of a mile. how do you look into that as a factor? >> we want to first determi
. >> you're not going to be looking at the computer. >> reporter: but is training enough? cal post has invested $200,000 to fund a study to quantify how distracted driving affects officers. >> multitasking is a myth. it ain't there. >> reporter: dr. brian vila oversees the research at washington state university. he says no police agency wants this. in austin, text, a vehicle driven by a police officer ran a stop sign and struck this motorcyclist. >> i just didn't pay attention. hit send. >> reporter: the officer admitted he was using a dashboard computer. and police in ft. wayne, indiana, are using new technology that shuts down most computer functions when the car is moving faster than 15 miles an hour. >> if i could get you to stare here. >> reporter: in the study sensors track the officers' eye movement and heart rate in this simulator designed to mimic the inside of a police cruiser. the officer must stay within 100 feet of this car at 55 miles an hour while checking and tapping a monitor when they see key words. >> when somebody's killed or injured, when they hit someone else, wh
the packers led by cal grad and chico native aaron rodgers in week one. things much different in the playoffs. kickoff saturday night at candlestick. >>> driving with a stack of paper enough to get you into the hov lane? one local man's crusade to change the rules of the roads -- or the rules for corporate america. >>> good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. low to mid-50s. as you think about where we were this time last week, but we are going to see some warming for tomorrow. it's going to make that air quality suffer with a spare the air alert in effect for tuesday. we'll talk about how long we get coming up in just a few minutes. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. >>> it's horrific. san francisco police looking for a man wanted for
sobornado cal director de antropologÍa con 50 mil dÓlares >>> vamos ahora con el tiempo. >>> con temperatura abajo de los 60°, siguen nublados, presencia de lloviznas ligeras pero sobre todo otro sistema que viene del norte esta este frente frÍo que sigue trayendo el viento y are frÍo arrastra humedad que se traduce si tiene planes para el fin de semana posibilidad de bhu vÍa en la regiÓn frÍo por la noche, color azul indica heladas que se han presentado y que van a continuar en la madrugada vamos a ver mÁxima como fueron hoy alcanzando stockton 51°, napa en 53, la bahÍa en 51 palo alto, san josÉ, son las mÁxima de hoy, no hizo nada de calor se mantuvo fres co y por la noche igual con estos nublados.>>> viene el fin de semana y cambios a partir de sÁbado, entra el segundo sistema que trae lluvias en 40% maÑana viernes despejado frÍo pero las condiciones de lluvia en la regiÓn para el domingo en las primeras horas si tiene planes, sÁbado y domingo, las posibilidades de lluvia estÁn con nosotros, mismas condiciones para oakland a partir del lunes y martes despejado aunque es f
facing mvp green bay quarterback aaron rodgers former cal star. collin in the second year but he's a rackie coming to the post season. mike has more on the man about to make his season debut. >> stepping up. on the run. collin will be facing former league super bowl mvp aaron rodgers and green bay packers saturday in only 8 nfl start and first post season. >> aaron rodgers is a great quarterback. i mean, you see what he does on the field. performance. so you can't say enough about the guy. we are going to have to go out and put up point. >> forty-niner offensive coordinator greg roman not worried about the young quarterback handling himself on the big stage. >> for collin it's another game and i think the way he handles it day-to-day has been very mature and i don't think you are going to see any big eyes. >>reporter: he has shown amazing maturity for a man with so few starts. >> i think it's because i have been playing football for so long. i think i said before this is my 17th year of football. so i mean, football is football once you get on the field. >>reporter: but f
as information on medi-cal and other government run programs. the idea behind the exchange is to help people who might not otherwise be able to afford health insurance, get coverage. through the website, applicants will also learn if they are eligible for government subsidies to help pay for insurance people who don't qualify for a subsidy, or those who choose not to use covered california, will still be able to purchase coverage plans directly from insurance providers. now, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about covered california. exactly which health insurance providers will be included and what the rates of different plans will be... hasn't been decided yet. the state is also still working on building the infrastructure for the program, things like buying computers and hiring staff. >>> if all goes well, open enrollment will begin in october with benefits kicking in january 1st, 2014. >>> in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. fifth a gra >> and a gray day with not much bloo--not much blue skies. however, we have seen some of breaks of rainfall but fremont, milpitas hit
, just after midnight, july 20, 2012. >> 9-1-1 cal. 315 and 314 first shooting at century theaters, 14 300 east alameda avenue, they're saying somebody's shooting in the auditorium. >> he came down with his gun in my face. he was about three feet away in that incident, i honestly didn't know what to do. i was terrified. >> (9-1-1 call). we need rescue inside the auditorium, multiple victims. >> the guy was just standing by the exit firing away. he's not aiming at a specific person. he's aiming everywhere, trying to hit as many people as he can. >> (9-1-1 call) i've got a child victim. i need rescue at the back door, theater nine, now. > i was thinking i just got to get out of the door, even if i fall dead, just get my kids out of here. >> it was just so horrible. >> (radio call)...suspect is going to be male, unknown race, black camo outside outfit believed to be wearing a vest, gas mask and multiple long guns. > you have the right to remain silent. >> reporter: that suspect, 25-year-old james holmes, is charged with killing 12 people and wounding dozens more. prosecutors are expected
the morning commute. well, now the bay area toll authority and cal -trans. have changed their plans. and come monday morning, toll booth number 4 will be staffed from 7 -to- 9 in the morning. welcome news for commuters >> pam: five days of work and still no human remains recovered in the search for victims of speed freak killers -wesley shermantine and loren herzog. the two men who went on a drug- induced killing rampage in the 1980's and 90's. kron 4's j.r. stone has been following the story. he has more on the abandoned well which is at the center of the f-b-i search. >> the fbi will bring its local, state, but international resources necessary. >> reporter: this area have been cleared with a 10-15 the area ought to be used to search for bones. people in the area of reacted. >> i do not want to waste my breath. somebody so disgusting that was in this area when i did live here. >> reporter: the fbi saying that it used test equipment to go into the ground but had not reached the bottom of the well. however, by friday, they reached at at 200 ft. on thursday --. and a special equipment or half
,ot iot (narraarr) tr) cal cie-siert rtnutrnuion io ben bul hullthylt includesudrainraand anal alickeic includesbecabeusend anal ehealhey doy is aislayfla dog d beneful fualthalweigwe. fi. us bto help elt mot pla pin yinrs rday.da i feelfe more orinspirsp. . more preositivit [ male alennouncou ] o ]y liyn on adds fre fsh-pre-ped ted les to its itnew grw t tat ing inen drink nnkew lip ln and you y'll bel urprured ed how gre gat you yeel.ee ♪♪ ♪ i feelfe more orinspirsp. . more preositivit [ male alennouncou ] o ]y liyn on adds fre fsh-pre-ped ted les to its itnew grw t tat ing inen drink nnkew lip ln and you y'll bel urprured ed how gre gat you yeel.ee ♪♪ ♪ >> welcome back. at the dow is up today perry ed one of the components of the doubt to the dow is alcoa. >> they are a bit player of aluminum. it there really big with commercial real estate. china is picking up. york is okay. the united states as stockpiling metal. this is a way for them to hedge fund things. >> wells off fargo just learned that the 30% of a the mortgages are like to buy them. >> warren buffett
sketch in this case. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> cal osha is investigating a sewerage leak in oakland. photos provided to us shows sewerage dripping down from the ceiling on tuesday. now the hospital says the sewerage line became blocked from some nearby redwood trees. nobody was allowed to use water for hours. there was no sewerage in any patient areas and the areas in the hospital will be thoroughly cleaned. >>> jack lew will be taking over treasury secretary just as they are getting ready to deal with congressional republicans over the nation's debt. speaking of jack lew, he may want to do something about his signature. right now it is a series of curly writing. his signature would be on every u.s. currency bill. tim geithner said he had to change his signature when he took the job just to make it legible. >>> we have new video this morning from the floor of the 2013 silicone valley and take a look at all the names in the auto industry. they are at the convention center in san jose. showing up on trucks, cross overs, i'll take one of each of those. at aut
birds. the cal strand said 750 were made after that disaster. we have much more on yesterday's tanker and including the coast guard news briefing. look under the hot topic section. >>> they said they tried to pick up an 11-year-old girl who was walking home. it happened on monterey road. police say a man offered her a ride when another driver saw what was happening he took off. he was driving a chevy astro van and a similar incident happened about a mile away a year ago. a similar description was held and anybody with information is asked to call police. >>> a groundbreaking study claims a small group of drivers is making it miserable for the rest of us. here is information from san jose with the results from this new research, janine de la vega? >> reporter: they are notorious for their traffic back up and a small number of people delayed and it could save people from driving with traffic nightmares. this story was conducted with people who tracked more than 350 bay area drivers using their cell phone and jp s signals. a select group of drivers from outlying neighborhoods is contribu
got ideas from portland, oregon. poem boxes will be installed in helena and cal list toga. >>> -- cal toga. and this is dream liner service to asia. seven years of waiting. san jose will begin service to tokyo on friday. that will be offered five time as week. come this summer it will be offered daily. silicon valley tech executives say they are excited for the new service. dream liner is the world's most technologically advanced airplane. >>> san francisco is concerned about housing complexes and the residents got a chance to be heard. they want it for an environmental impact report. they want to build 700 units on a 49-acre sites. but 500 units of the public housing complexes would need to be demolished to make way for the new development. >> the idea is to develop it into a mixed income community that would be affordable housing and all new community amenities. new park space and new community center. the developers say the policy, people who are living in the housing projects right now and in good standing would be given a spot in the new development. >>> well the company sling me
the planning department decide how much square footage -- [multiple voices] >> i'll defer to rich for that cal collision. -- calculation. >> rich [speaker not understood] land dedication staff. [speaker not understood] the developers elected to do the on-site affordable option. because of the submittal of his application date for his original project, he is only required to provide 12% on-site affordable. so, that's about 14 dwelling units. and it's based on the number of dwelling units provided within a project. >> so, i know the policies are sort of being written right now around land dedication. i'm excited to see this is the first project. so, how is it decided on the land dedication, the site that's chosen, x footage or x value? what kind of conceptual considerations are there? >> the planning code provides guidance basically for the space on the parcel of land that the development is being -- that basically based on the parcel of land that the new housing is being built on. and that guides how much square footage the new -- the dedicated land has to provide for the site. so, they're unde
of a wonderful friend to arabs and muslims, i knew people who knew him, he was a cal grad like myself. the irony is you are killing a fripd. but that's the nature of mob violence and the ideology of hate. and unfortunately hate begets hate and that's what we're really seeing on both sides. put out an inflammatory film and people who are willing to do the dance who will confirm what the film is saying and when does this cycle end? we see this in schools as well, unfortunately. we see it on the internet way too much as you mentioned. look at any article, i am most familiar with articles about muslims but it seems like something happens to people when they go on the net, they turn into horrible people and say horrible things because nobody knows who they are. i think it obviously begins in the home, computers should be in open spaces, parents should have the ability to see what their children are doing and this goes through high school and then just the environment that we create in our schools and our communities where it's not cool to be doing these things. i think the machismo that feeds in
at nasne, hadr course, trained with cal fire, take the time to take that training. it's tough to fit it in but it's important to fit it in and it will make us more effective. we did an exercise back in may in preparation for this and developed a pretty detailed concept of operations. we built load plan, timelines, spare parts lists, we really got into the weeds, thinking about the second and third tier effects, so i want my relief to understand that and i want him to know where that plan is so he can pull it right off the shelf if this ever happens and be ready to respond quickly instead of trying to figure this all out when we need to be getting underway. >> i'll boil mine down into just one, and that is i will pass to my relief to continue to support events like this and look for opportunities to continue to learn how we best in the military can integrate with our civilian and federal contemporaries to be prepared for an eventuality that we hope will never come, but we certainly should be prepared for. so the one thing i'm passing on is keep the momentum. >> thank you, all. one o
from so cal to watch the game. >> you can watch it down there. >> no, we have to be in san francisco. definitely. >> even if it's on tv. >> absolutely. got to be in the crowd. >> you are in the crowd now. how does it feel ? >> it feels great. this is perfect. couldn't be better. >> first play of the 4th quarter. frank gore two yard run as another 49er touchdown. left no doubt about where the game was heading. >> bad defense. right mimic right place . best defense in the league. they are on top of their game tonight. they are so pumped up. they are going to the superbowl. >> the 49ers have made believers of their already faithful fans. >> reporter: well, if we're lucky to be doing this again next week, same time, same place celebrating another 49er win. if we're lucky. these fans all think we will be. ann, back to you. >> fingers crossed. thanks, don. >>> there's another big story tonight. it is cold. freeze warnings are going up tonight. >> i don't even think many people understand how cold it is outside. they are whipping it up this evening. good evening. let's head outside right no
. >> stanford women haven't lost a pac-12 game since 2009 when cal beat them. the bears seemed prime to do it again off to the best start in program history. clarendon had 17. the team wasn't ready for the streak to end. the tough layup to give stanford the lead in the 2nd half, tough. stanford wins 62-53 tonight. >>> sacred heart versus st. ignatius at usf, smith to courtney. she's just a tough player. thank you very much. electrical night especially when the boys hit the floor in the night cap. matt brown for the wide open dunk and the lead. wildcats beat sacred heart 56- 46 and they get the coveted bruce mahoney trophy. >>> time now for the nightly running of my exclusive interview with aaron rodgers on the day he was drafted by green bay. >> >> reporter: how disappointed are you that you will not be a 49er? >> not as disappointed as the 49ers will that be they didn't draft me. >> that is a money bite. rodgers was a 49er fan growing up. collin kaepernick was a 49ers fan growing up. he wrote as a kid he wanted to be quarterback of either the 49e
, "there are many potentials causes such as menke cal failure, faulty navigational devices, unpredictable fog conditions, mechanical failure and other sources. >>> the ferry that crashed in new york city had a new engine and propulsion something, something federal investigators will now be checking. one witness says the ferry employee told her operators were complaining about maneuvering problems with the refurbished vessel. yesterday morning's crash injured dozens of passengers, 11 seriously. >>> 4:34 now. president obama is expected to nominate his new treasury secretary today. jack lew with replace geithner. he is currently the chief of staff. he previously served as budget director and was an executive at citigroup. >>> a crazy new signature will be on our money if the president gets his way of this is how jack lew signs his name. the white house says he has no plans to improve his penmanship so start checking the ones. >>> vice president joe biden will meet today with the national rifle association and executives from walmart one of
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to help you stick to your new year's resolution. joy bauer is here with low cal ideas to keep us from falling off our prescribed lifestyle change. >> hello. first of all, let me say congratulations on your book. i read it every day. >> first, coleslaw. >> creamy foods. >> and you take fatty coleslaw and skinny it down a bit. >> the best part is it's pre-made for you. they already do the slicing and dicing. the entire bag is only 80 calories and cabbage has cancer fighting properties. mix non-fat greek yogurt and light mayonnaise and splash of apple cider vinegar and it's sensation. you can dump this on the skillet with oil and seasoning. >> have a stir-fry. >> or soy sauce and have mu chui vegetables. >> cauliflower. >> i like to put it on the baking seat. roast it for 30 minutes, take it out and top it with parmesan cheese, put it back in for five minutes and it crisps up beautifull beautifully. also use half potatoes and cauliflower and drive down the calories. >> i actually seem it and mash it. >> and use light cream cheese and broth, and seasoning, really goo good. >> mushrooms. >
griffin the third and the washington redskins. >> former cal bear, marshawn lynch, ran for 132 yds and scored a seattle broken a game post-season losing streak on the road. >> they will go on to face the top seed atlanta falcons' next sunday. >> tickets for the weakens divisional round playoff game between the surfaces of 49ers and the green bay packers will go on sell this morning. >> as ever to go 49ers in the green bay packers are set to play at candlestick park on saturday at 5:00 p.m. tickets for the game will be available starting at 10:00 a.m. the can be produced on line via ticketmaster. >> the national archives displaying releasing documents and i am showing milestones in manned space flight from president nixon's administration. nasa sent the first men to the moon on apollo 11 mission during nixon's presidency and fall with five more lunar missions. >> the archive will look back at nixon's support for the space program. the new exhibit will open today it will include the telephone nixon used to talk to the apollo 11 astronauts after their mome landing. the speech drafted
to and mazatlan will be offered through cal jet air, and around trip flights will start at $499. >> five days of work and still no human remains are recovering in the continuing search for victims of the speed freak killers. wesley shermatine andl loren herzog went on a drug induced killing rampage in the 1980's and 90's perry ed kron 4 news j.r. stone has been following the story. he will have more on the abandoned well which is the center of fbi search. >> five days of work and sti no hithe fbi says it will take a few days to get all the water out of the well. they plan on putting a camera in the will to see what is inside of it. they ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> after 11 years, the u.s. war in afghanistan is winding down. ahead of schedule. president obama says of the time is right to let afghan soldiers do their own for 18. if the president met with afghan president's at the white house on friday. they agree tha
amendment, i encourage him to do that. we cannot let this economy become the victim by tact cal politics. >> those aren't sure, how would the president enact the 14th amendment. >> how would the steps play out there. >> it would be a straightforward excuse me order. the 14 th amendment. you can't if the congress refused to authorize it, the president by executive order would direct treasu tree to meet the obligations coming due and that would include the bondholders who have lengtht us money, the contractors in the middle of construction of a road and then, obviously, there would be a lawsuit that followed an the courts would have to sort out who is right or wrong, but our view is that allowing either party by the way, republicans now to use this as a tactic economic nuclear weapon has just got to be off limits. >> the other option we have heard from which i think is the more comic cal is that the secretary has the power to print through the u.s. mint. any sort of denomination, a coin a bill he could print a trillion dollar coin. >> i guess it is. >> it makes
are so cynical. years in television and radio has made you a sin that you cal man, but -- cynical man. but you are still sexy. the sexy can sells the cynicism. piers had a guy larry pratt on and called him an idiot. now hasn't piers figured out find the guy who is the worse spokesman? >> that's what i was going to say. instead of arguing the point in an educated way he finds somebody who looks completelypsn rights news yism in that way. enthusiast in that way. >> that's right. you were nodding the whole time alex was talking. when he said new world order you said finally. you yelled finally we are back to new world order. >> the hatchet man of the new world order. we are never going to agree on this one. i don't even know why we are discussing this. i think what we should do is you can wear your rainbow trunks and i will wear my don't tread on my briefs and we can have this out like men. >> we did that last week and there wasn't even an argument about that. >> i just love wearing the briefs. >> i do love wearing them. >> i do think there is a middle ground to the debate. even if you d
to dominate the middle-east, establish a cal fay. to -- they are focused on that with amazing zealotry and consistenciful they are on the rise in the middle-east, in iraq, in syria, in libya, in northern africa, in mali. that's just the harsh reality of it. certainly, it came very close to all of us, being on the rise in libya, as a result of the fiasco in benghazi. they are taking advantage of the revolutionary change that is sweeping through the middle-east. they are not the catalysts for tbut they see it as an opportunity and they are all in. so mali is important to us. but it runs square in the face, i think of the obama administration's policy, which is unstated, disengage from the middle-east. >> jamie: it sounds like, even if we near one place and not another, we will never be able to let our guard down. in order to do that, we not only need administration support. we have the military commitment. it seems to me, we need the public support, also for our troops and our familiarly and the job that they do. i am going to throw you -- not a curve ball, but it may sound like an odd-b
's there to protect us from tie ran cal government and street thugs. take the women in india, your piece earlier i was watching. it didn't tell you that the women of india have signed giant petition to get firearms, because the police can't and won't protect them. the answer is -- and i have fbi crime statistics that come out a year late, 2011, 20-plus percent crime crime, real violent crime because more guns means less crime. britain took the guns, true we have a higher gun violence left, about overall muggings, stabbings death, those women raped that women to debt with an iron rod four feet long. the tie rants did it. hitler took the guns, stalin took the guns, mao tonight the guns, hugo chavez took the guns and i'm here to tell you 1776 will commence again if you try to take you're firearms. we will not relinquish them. do you understand? that's why you're going to fail and the establishment knows no st. no matter home propaganda, the public will rise against. my family and the texas revolution against santa ana, my family was at the core of both sides starting that, because santa ana came to t
sideswiped the sixth tower of the western span. the ship and the fender system were damaged and cal tran did a safety evaluation and say the damage only amounts to a scrape and no repairs are needed to the bridge. abc7 was the first to report the ship collision and we tweeted the news after it happened. follow us there at abc7 news bay area. right now we have a slide show with pictures of the damaged ship and the bridge support the man accused of pouring gasoline on his girlfriend and setting her on fire is jailed in san francisco this morning on attempted murder charges. our reporter is like at st. francis hospital where the victim is fighting for her life. amy has more on his capture. amy? >> she has a long recovery ahead of her. her family says now they can all feel safe. her sisters said they felt very nervous when dexter oliver was out on the run. they say they were looking behind their backs. he now is in jail. police arrested him last night around 9:00. they found him in a hotel in oakland and police say he surrendered peacefully. he is accused of setting the 25-year-old starr lamare
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